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Perhaps you’re going out “on the town” and want to be sure you impress everyone, even that special person in your life. You want to be stylin’ with the bDress suits at Men In Style Orlandoest vested suit and impressive shoes. Perhaps you want to top it all off with that eye-popping hat, watch or tie clip. Men In Style can help you out in all these areas.

Or maybe you’re looking for that new suit that’s appropriate for a business function or church, less flash, but still stylish. We can help you out there, too. The wide variety of styles we have can “suit” any taste or occasion.

We can offer you the suit you want at an unbelievable price. The brands we carry are often better made or better-fitting than the major brand name you’ve heard of. Try on one of our suits and you’ll see what we mean. Be sure to check out our weekly promotions for our special deals. Or scroll down to see examples from our Navaco and Statement collections.

Formal Wear

Men In Style Orlando - Red JacketEvery so often, that special event pops on your calendar and a suit just isn’t enough. You need to go FORMAL. We have you covered. We can sell or rent you a formal outfit that will make you stand out from the crowd, no matter the event’s theme. As conservative or as flashy as you’re feeling, we carry a variety of formals for you to choose from.

If you think you’ll have more events like this, then add this outfit to your wardrobe permanently. If it’s just a rare event, let us tell you about our formal and tuxedo rentals. No matter the occasion, we want you to look sharp!

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New 2018 Suits


Stop by and check out our new, stylish formal jackets.
In a variety of styles, colors and sizes.

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Check out our regular and slim-fit suits, in the latest styles and fabrics.
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FEATURED SUITS – The Steve Harvey Fashion Suit Collection

Steve Harvey Fashion Suit CollectionOne of the most stylish emcees on television, Steve Harvey is always looking good!

And you can, too!
Here’s a sample from our Steve Harvey Fashion Suit Collection.

Click on the suit that appeals to you to see it LARGER.

Dress-Casual Outfits

For those times you don’t need to be so dressed up, check out ourDress-Casual Outfits at Men In Style Orlando Dress-Casual outfits. We have a wide variety that will look great on you, when you don’t need to be so formal, but still want to be stylish and comfortable. It could be shirts and slacks that match, or a button-down shirt with a pair of designer blue jeans. Let us help you pick out that perfect dress-casual outfit.


And our clothes are available in a wide variety of materials, too. Silk, cotton, wool or easy-to-care-for synthetics. And we can help advise you on the best way to keep each type of material clean, so you stay looking great for a long time down the road.

We Can Alter for you

And to make sure everything fits perfectly, let us take care of those final alterations — take up the cuffs, arms, back and so forth. Our experienced tailor will take of everything, and we guarantee you’ll be happy with the fit, or we’ll make any needed adjustments.


We have a wide variety of suit sets, from a variety of designers.
Get the suit, shirt. tie and vest.

Click on the suit set that appeals to you to see it LARGER.

FEATURED SUITS – The Navaco Collection

We have a wide variety of suits, from a variety of designers.
Here’s a sample from our Navaco Collection.

Click on the suit that appeals to you to see it LARGER.


We also have a wide array of shirts — from dress shirts to go with that suitdress_shirts_200x150 or casual shirts for relaxing.  We even have casual outfits with matching or complementary shirts and slacks. If you want french cuffs to show off that great pair of cuff links you have, we can help you there, too. Or check out our selection of cuff links and expand your collection.


Or maybe you just need a new pair of slacks to broaden your wardrobe options. What do you need? Solids, stripes or patterns? You’ll be amazed at our selection. From dress to dress-casual, we have a wide selection to match your every style desire.


Vests at Men In Style OrlandoMany of our fashionable suits are 3-piece, complete with a vest. And some are just 2-piece suits. We offer a wide array of colorful vests to help you make that fashion statement that you want – with a splash of color or that eye-catching pattern.

Or, maybe you have a suit or an outfit now that would look just that much better with one of our stylish vests. Browse through our racks, and find the vest that best fits the occasion. And be sure to check out the rest of our accessories to help make you look GREAT!

Boys’ Suits

It’s a right of passage when the young man in the family gets his first suit.Boys' Suits at Men in Style Orlando Maybe it’s for church or a special family event. Or maybe you are looking for matching suits for all your young men.

Let us help you pick out the exact perfect 2- or 3-piece suit for the young gentlemen in your family. We can probably also help find that perfect pair of shoes to match.


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